Id social media disseminate information about and aid the proportion of the revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya?

Hi writer this is my research essay topic so I have 4 things for you to do, I have every things for you my sources and summery of the some of the sources so I will upload them all the first things I want you to do

1-Synthesis of research part (A) I will upload the HW paper and it is explain every things on the front and the back side there is the said the you do the HW. It is like 5 circle and you write on them.

2-Synthesis of research part (B) I will upload the paper, and it is explain every things in the front and in the back there is example Tableit is not complete example so I ask my friends they said they got more than 3 table so see what is work with you.

3Unit 3: planning your argument I will upload it and you can do the work in the same paper

4Short 2 paragraph introduction (my teacher ask me to bring draft so if you can write it in less than one page just introduction for unit 3) I will order from you later the rest of the essay which is 6 pages

thats it I just want to let you know that Iam international student in 200 university English course so pleas when you write everything for me donat make it 100% make as 90% so i will upload everything after I pay
And if you donat understand anythingas let me know.
Thank you 🙂