Id the European colonization help or hurt Africa in economic, cultural and religious aspects?

I want you to support that it hurt Africas structure in economic, cultural, and religious aspects. The research paper timeline should be from the early stages of colonization till the decolonization. You may point out how Africa was before the intervention of European colonials, and what did they become as a result. I believe this topic is easy to support the belief that it hurt Africa.

If you think it did not hurt, on the contrary it helped Africa. You may go ahead and do it, but I prefer colonization hurt Africa in many ways. I would like to have some statistic number while writing about economical aspect. And also, please be careful about logos and ethos on the essay, avoid generalization. They need to be strong enough throughout the research paper. Please use adequate number of authoritative and appropriate sources, they need to show that I can present my ideas in a logical, organized manner, with coherent, unified paragraphs, each of which has a main guiding idea and which are linked together with adequate transition. Add dramatic logical examples. I will be posting the power points for your information. You may take a look at them. Please try to obey all the instructions. 12 font, Times news roman, MLA format. In US English.

Citation for Europeans in Black Africa: Europeans in Black Africa
Terence Ranger
Journal of World History, Vol. 9, No. 2 (Fall, 1998), pp. 255-268
Published by: University of Hawaii Press
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