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Below is a list of the component parts of a submitted report.

a? Title pages
a? Abstract
a? Acknowledgements(if necessary)
a? Contents
a? Introduction
a? Section/Chapter 1
a? Section/Chapter 2
a? Conclusions
a? References and Bibliography
a? Appendices

You may have acknowledgements ( not to your supervisor but to people who have supplied information. These usually appear on a separate page

All appendices must be referred to in the text. The order of appendices is as they appear in the text. You should be able to read the text without referring to the appendices. If necessary, summarise the appendix in words or a diagram (graph etc). to keep the flow of the text.

Ensure that diagrams are close to the relevant part of the text so that the reader does not have to flip pages too much. Ensure that all of the diagrams are referred to in the text( more than once if necessary). You may wish to have diagrams on different pages to the text.

Unless you cannot avoid it, ensure that all text, tables, diagrams etc are arranged down a vertical page (portrait style) so that the reader does not have to turn the project to read the page.

Check that you are using a consistent system of heading and numbers. For example


The project should include the following

a. Front sheet of Title Page

This should show
a? the full title of the project,
a? your full name,
a? your student registration number,
a? the title of your degree course
a? your project supervisoras name the total number of words in your project and the Date of submission

b. Abstract

This outlines the project but concentrates on the main conclusions. Place after the title page.

c. Contents page

This should reflect the same style and number as the headings. It should show the page numbers, so do it last of all. The contents page and all the pages before it are not numbered. Page 1 should be the first page of the introduction

d. Chapters/Sections

This is the main part of the project and it is the part in which the markers are most interested. The first chapter is usually an introduction that sets out the aims of the project, the approach adopted in the study and the constraints under which it was completed.

Generally, conclusions come at the end of the project, but there may also be shorter conclusions at the end of each section or chapter. The final chapter would usually contain conclusions and would if necessary summarise and link together any conclusions made earlier in the report.

e. Conclusions

Keep any final conclusions fairly short and do not claim things you have not argued a strong case for in the body of the text.