Id Women Enjoy a Higher Status in Early or Late Medieval Societies?

Hi there, the essay needs to be approx. 2500 words. 10% more than the 2,500 words will be marked down.
There will need to be a cover and title page signed by me and Bibliography at the end of the paper. There should be referencing throughout and the pages should be numbered. The referencing is actually meant to be Chicago Style but I cannot find it as a drop-down option so thatas why I wrote it here.
The essay will need to make use of some primary sources and there are a few books that will be required for the essay: Women in Medieval Society by Mavis E. Mate. A Companion to Medieval England by Nigel Saul and Western Civilisation Beyond Boundaries by Noble, Strauss, Osheim, Roberts, etc. If you cannot use all of them that is fine, but you need to use one at least.
I can send you some material once the paper is approved of sources we have done in class. There are also many primary sources online that you can find, like that of St. Liutberga.
Of the 12 sources required, only 3 can be websites, so do not use more than that unless as extras of the 12 sources.
According to my syllabus, this is what is required of a good 2:1 paper: work which: a? goes beyond the foundation level to develop a more questioning and analytical approach a? goes beyond the basic required reading, to study and discusses recommended texts and articles a? gives evidence of very wide reading and extensive knowledge of relevant theory and recent research a? is very well structured, putting forward cogent arguments which are well supported by carefully evaluated evidence.
Please, make sure you analyse texts well, and donat just point out what certain books say, etc. I had someone do that and ended up spending so many days correcting the essay and changing it that I should have done it alone. If you would like, I can send you a format of this essay that is bad, in my opinion, so you have a look.
What I would like to be included in the paper, would be womens inheritance (getting and leaving), like in early medieval times it was based on Salic Law. Also, women being able to write from their own perspective, like their vitas (examples: early:St. Liutberga, Hrotsvit, late: Hildergard). One more, would be womens close relationship/association with the Church. They either engaged in charity and funded church building/restoration, or some joined or founded monasteries (examples: St.Liutberga (her family-Gisla, etc), St.Leoba, etc). I cannot think of anything else that I have personally researched for exams or anything, but perhaps it would be good to mention things like their public opinion or how economically powerful/dependent they were. Perhaps even mention politics and female Queens. I know that in the late medieval period there were a few female queens, which would have been unthinkable in the early period because it was based on Frankish/Salic Laws.
Oh! and please make sure you write a powerful intro and brief but strong conclusion!

Okay, so I have gone on for too long!
Thank you!