IDENTITY POLITICS) Black Nationalism in Black Pop culture

1.As a research paper you should start with a research question and have a clear outline with a salient argument.
3.This should be a well thought out and comprehensive paper on (IDENTITY POLITICS) BLACK NATIONALISM IN BLACK POP CULTURE.
i think you should focus on the identity politics of Ron Karenga-who is
now Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor at a California university who was a
black nationalist during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement;

he started the KWANZAA celebration in contemporary black popular culture
and was a founder of the AFROCENTRIC movement in contemporary political
and intellectual culture.

maybe you can focus merely on his life and how he evolved into what he
believes in today; or, focus on his Kwanzaa ideas and Black Culture; or,
his writings on the Black Family Principles; or Afrocentricism and Black
Studies; the Black Arts Movement

keep it simple and do not make
your paper too complex, difficult, and never copy info word for word; put
it in your own words and document where you received your information.