Idion a?Marrying Absurda? Comparision and Contrast

Your last paper is a very short research paper. You will select from one of the articles chosen below to write an analysis and argument. As we discussed, an analysis is a probing of the depths of a discussion. In order to do this, you will ask yourself what is the author doing and how does s/he do it? Your thesis cannot be a summary of the text and must be an interpretation of what the text attempts to communicate on a global scale. Once you decide what you want to explicate in the text, you must continue to show how this argument evolves throughout the text.
The other task you have to do in this paper is to use one source to help bring your argument into focus. Much like you did in your last paper, you will look for an appropriate source to substantiate your text. Please make sure that your source is appropriate to your discussion and that it is not stuck in for the sake of using, but that it is purposeful and helps explain an idea that you have posited.
The basics of your paper:
a? 3 to 4 pages of text (begin at top of page)
a? Use of one secondary source
a? Double space
a? 12 font
a? One inch margins
a? Separate title page including title, name, and class
a? Send as an attachment in Word or RTF
a? Attach your paper to the same place where you receive these guidelines
Grading Criteria
a? Do you have a thesis that comes in the form of an analysis?
a? Is your paper more than a summary of the text?
a? Have you used a secondary source and is it purposeful?
a? Have you documented both your primary and your secondary source in your text?
a? Does your text flow? Do your ideas develop and deepen as you proceed through your paper?
a? Are your ideas connected to the previous ideas
a? Are you focused and directed in your discussion?
a? Have you used your spellcheck and your grammar check?