IDS in Africa : origin and impacts of AIDS in the Sub-Saharan African countries

you should use this sources : 3 books, one scholarly journal article, one newspaper or magazine article, and one other reputable yet non-traditionalsource such as a documentary, a movie, an audio or video interview available on a credible news website such as CNN or BBC, a government document,etc. Note: Websites cannot count toward one of my six required minimum sources. I would like you to include some sources of authors such as Gettleman Jeffrey New study suggests a higher rate of rape in Congo”; AIDS as a zoonosis: scientific and public health implications by
Hahn BH, Shaw GM, De Cock KM, Sharp PM. ;Youth, HIV/AIDS and Social Transformations in Africa by Donald Anthony Mwiturubani and Ayalew Gebre. I hope you can those 3 three online. And you can add other reliable sources online. Please make sure to give