IE Model Layer 2: Internal Infrastructure

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Added on 21.02.2015 17:28
The business is in the planning phase, so it does not necessarily have all the points required in the Layer C: Infrastructure.
Business: TwinScope

Internal Infrastructure (Notes)
i?? What are the operating facilities like: Studio, Salt Makers Place, Warehousei??wants to do most at salt makers place eventually
i?? Any administrative equipment eg. Computers, cash registers, accounting machines, administrative equipment: No
i?? What is the production equipment like: C&C Machine, Molding equipment, Sand machine,
i?? Any staff other than your self: Mike and Brain for Manufacturing, Lauren-branding and graphic design, paid on project base like costs of mold
i?? Any security
i?? Is the business registered? Not yet is debating between non-profit and LLC, for profit business not a corporation,
i?? Any information systems in place
i?? Any databases and records other than finances: Organizes research and other things of that nature on in folders and computer
i?? Location: Near West Side of Syracuse
i?? Any company cars/trucks/vans