Ieres program for evaluating theoretical hypothesis

I have had some issues regarding comprehending GIeres material and how to use his program when interpreting texts.

We were issued a text to read and evaluate according to Gieres program, which is stated like this:
Gieres program:
STEP 1: The real world
Identify the aspect of the real world that is the focus of study in the episode at hand. These are things that can be described mostly in everyday terms together with a few widely used scientific terms. Do not use terms introduced to characterize particular models to be evaluated.

Step 2: Model
Identify a theoretical model whose fit with the real world at issue. Describe the model, using appropriate scientific terminology as needed. A diagram may be helpful in presenting a model.

Step 3: Prediction
Identify a prediction, based on the model identified, that says that data should be obtained if the data actually provides a good fit to the real world.

Step 4: Data
Identify the data that have actually been obtained by observation or experimentation involving the real-world object of study.

Step 5: Negative evidence? Do the data agree with the prediction? If not, conclude that the data provide good evidence that the model does not fit the real world. If the data do agree with the prediction, go to step 6.

Step 6. Positive evidence?
Was the prediction likely to agree with the data even if the model under consideration does not provide a good fit to the real world? This requires considering wether there are other clearly different, but also plausible models, that would yield the same prediction about the data. If there are no such alternative models, the answer to the question is No.In this case, conclude that the data do provide good evidence that the model does fit the real world. If the anser is Yes”, conclude that the data are inconclusive regarding the fit of the model to the real world.

I will provide you with the document that we are aksed to evaluate using Gieres program. If still unsure about what Gieres program is, im sure google has some answers to it. Most of the evaluation of theoretical hypotheses do not exceed over one page. Thus, only a few sentences is needed at each of the steps.

The pages that we are asked to read and use is from the bottom of p. 47 to mid page of 52 in the pdf file I will provide you with. Lines are also marked in the text if unsure.

Thank you for any help! I have tried to solve the task my self, but I wanted to see another persons take on it before turning it in.

P.S !
If time needed to solve the task exceeds 3 hours it is no immediate crisis. As long as its not longer than 5 hours.