Iet and exercise or weight loss surgery.

Why are sp many people turning to weight loss surgery instead of choosing the old fashion way, pulling away from the table, and get out and exercise.
The paper must be in MLA form
* 12 pt type in a basic font(ex. Times New Roman )
* No calligraphy, script or fancy type
* 1-inch margins
my professor is going by a rubic….
thesis statement(objectively evaluates my points to see if they support my position)
introduction(establishes a basis for research paper)
organization( title page, outline text, notes, work cited)
discussion paragraphs(clear topic sentences, supports thesis, objectively evaluates & supports thesis statement)
coherence/flow(clear transitions frm paragraph and to sentences)
sentence structure(grammar usage, puncuation, variety of sentences, simple, compound, complex
quotations, paraphrasing
conclusion(provides an effective closing & wrap up to the essay)
works cited(sources 5+)