Iet effects on plasma lipoproteins ( Paraphrasing )

Dear writer, please read carefully these instructions and follow exactly them for my work:

I dont want you to write an essay. All I need from you is to paraphrase all this work. An example has been attached on the board, have a look on it and please do as same as it.

Paraphrasing is a restatement of the quotation using your own/ other words or word synonyms and different structure for each sentence.

The most important is to change the sentences structure, please make it simple and understandable and different from the original in terms of structure. Please see the attached example.

You should try to do not reduce the word amount, I need you to try writing as much as the original text s words amount. Reducing word amount will affect my essay and the marks as a result.

You must choose academic words ( synonyms ) and style in your paraphrasing.

Use the British English, so please turn your word processor into British/United Kingdom English.

You must Write your paraphrasing under each paragraph directly using different colour, blue for example. Please see the attached example.

All work is 16 papers, you should send me every 4 papers that you have completed on the board to make sure that you follow the instructions appropriately . So, I am expecting the first 4 papers after 24 hours from now. This will also allow me to start writing my essay and then submit it on time.

I paid more to finish my work within 4 days from today, because I have to write my essay as soon you finish paraphrasing these paragraphs , so my marks will be affected If you delay my work.

In the papers you will see numbers in red colour between rackets [ ], please do not change or remove them. They are the references numbers that I should credit into my bibliography, so do not remove anything from may original papers.

Papers that you will finish will go into a software to compare them with the original ( My ) papers to see that you did real paraphrasing or not. I hope there will not be similarities, if not, you then need to re-paraphrase them. Therefore, please do your best.

To have general idea about my work. My essay title is the evidence and possible mechanisms for the effect of ( High Carbohydrate, High Fibre diets ) on plasma lipoproteins. A discussion based essay.

Please do not forget to send the first 4 papers during next 24 hours and to write your paraphrasing under each paragraph directly in different colour.