Ieting Programs and Theories ( argument paper)

hi, first you can use resources as much as you need. 1)should be an argument paper.
2) the teacher give us like a guide to learn how to write the argument paper and i will send it to you.
3) in the guide paper i did highlighted the important things that you should know please read it all before you start work.
4) the teacher gave us more than one topic to choose only one and write about it,however i chose this topic (Dieting Programs and Theories) put if you felt that it is hard for you to write about, let me know and i will give you another topic (before you start writing).
5) do not use to much Wikipedia and do not use a lot of .com.
6) you have to use in writing the A)Etheis. B)logos. C)pathos.
7) you can use graph but put it in the last page.
8) you have to use only the third person in the paper.
9) And you will find every thing in the guide paper that i will send it to you.
10) please i need you to inform me that you got every thing and start working in it, and if you need any thing just let me know.
Thank you. 🙂