Ifference between NIetzches views on education (bildung) and Hegels Views on education (bildung)

The paper is supposed to be about the difference between Hegelas view that education is for everyone, and that everyone can be educated. And Nietzches view that education is only for the select few. Also a point that needs to be discussed that is along the same lines, is their views and definitions of what Bildung is and means. You need to explain both their reasoning of why they think what they do and then explain what you feel to be correct. The paper should be properly footnoted and cited and needs a bibliography, and page numbers, with a cover page. There are four required sources, first, The Hegel Reader, Edited by Stephen Houlgate, Blackwell Publishers. Second, Hegelas Idea of Moral Education and Modern Pluralism by Dr. Vasiliki Karavakou, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, in the Philosophical Inquiry, Vol XXVIII, No 3-4, Summer-Fall 2006. Thirdly, The Nietzche Reader, edited by K. Pearson and D. Lange, Blackwell Publishers. And fourthly, On The Future of Our Educational Institutions, Friedrich Nietzche. The last source can be any outside source if you need more than one outside source that is fine. Thank you.