Ifferences between the Articles of confederation and the new constitution

Examine the weaknesses of the articles of confederation as the foundation for a central government and explain why they were discarded. Then address the nature of the new constitution, as it gave central government great strength in executing its legitimate functions neceassary for the republic to survive, but at the same time left most political authority in the states under a structure defined as dual level federalism. Why was the American constitution drafted this way.
Those are his instructions word for word.
The past 2 essays Ive bought from here I received fs, yet I have no time to finish this essay alone. I would be more than happy to send a gracious tip based upon my grade, but I dont know if this website will allow me. FYI this professor is passionate about history and has a couple masters, he doesnt expect perfection but demands that we have an authoritative voice in the essay and understand why specific events took place. FE: the articles of confederation didnt give national government a lot of power over the states because they just came from monarch oppression.

The way he wants it written, via his essay assignment guideline
7 pages min double space
3 Scholarly sources of any kind (book or Internet). No type of encyclopedia (including Wikipedia)
2 book sources. ( I dont know if you can achieve this, but if not I can implement my own when youre done).

The structure is as follows
Intro: thesis of your work/views/interpretation of the subject and what points you will use to support your stand.
Body: be able to link all supporting topics. Address and support each topic individually.
Conclusion: summarize your thesis, supporting with a summary of how you points substantiate your topic/view on the subject.
the object of the essay isnt whether your right or wrong its to individually interpret the material and support what your view with RELAVANT information, and present it in a nice coherent body of work.”
Source cited page
For each website have the name of the website and the exact URL you went to. He wants to see where we got the info from.
The whole essay stay formal
Make direct statements: dont say I believe or I think just state it.
Omit needless words and look for the most direct way to compose sentences.
Throughout the essay maintain past tense. No He was writinginstead say He wrote”
Thats all his instructions. For each violation is 1% deducted from essay grade.
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