Ifferences in Beliefs About the Causes of Health Disparties in Black and White Nurses

Write a 2-2.5 page paper APA formatted (word-processed, 12 pt Times New Roman font style, 1-inch margins all around, double spaced), STAPLED (NOT PAPER CLIPPED!) that includes: (1) a brief summary of the article; (2) 1-2 paragraphs on whether the principle in the article reflects good or bad management practice; (3) 1-2 paragraphs on why you feel this is an important article to healthcare management and include why you selected the article. You must include a maximum of 2 direct quotes from your article in your paper and, of course, these quotes should be correctly cited.
I will download the article but here is websit which you can go and read the article

I need the article to be exactly 2 pages not less
And on the third page I would like to have APA format reference