Ifferences in economic and political culture between Western Europe and the United States

Western Europe and the United States have different political institutions. Western Europe has more of a welfare state, more government regulations on the economy and a greater value on income equality. Whereas the US is the nation of rugged individualism, entraprenuriship, and capitalism. This paper needs to answer what are the cultural and intellectual differences between the history of Western Europe and the United states that have lead to these contrasting moral codes towards Capitalism, the welfare state and the specific differences in our political institutions. Discuss the enlightenment. 3 Internet, and 3 book sources. Use Thomas Sowell, Thomas Piketty, the founding fathers, John Lock, Ayn Rand, Karl Marx….etc. Discuss the issues of altruism vs. Self-interest, Discuss what tools political scientists have used in analyzing these contrasting philosophical developments. Use MLA format, absolutely NO plagiarism, site all sources regularly, and properly. Thank you guys! You do great work!