Ifferences in self-esteem among females in relation to number of years involved in sports activities

I am requesting a literature review for my masters level thesis based on the paper topic above. I hypothesize that the earlier and greater number of years CSULB female students have played sports, regardless of whether they are presently playing a sport will have higher selfesteem. Most of the articles can not be older than five years, unless the research is significant to this topic. The paper must be written in APA format. I suggest the following outline:
1. Self-Esteem
Importance of Self-Esteem
Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Health
Development and Determinants of Self-Esteem
Exercise and Self-Esteem
Body Image and Self-Esteem
Gender Differneces in Body Image and Self-Esteem
2. The Role of Females in Athletics and Society
Historical Overview
Female Athletes and Intecollegiate Sports
Title IX and the Impact on Womens Athletics
3. Females and Sport in Modern Times
Factors Influencing Participation
Description of the Modern Female Athlete
Benefits of Female Sport Participation
The literature review must show specifically why this topic is important to study in relation to females specifically (ie. higher risk for pregnancy, sexual abuse, etc. with lower self-esteem). Majority of articles quoted must be scientifically based, ie original research. This thesis is for the field of social work, so it is important to remember how researching this topic can contribute to the field of social work. Such as showing people the important role sports can play in young females in developing high self-esteem, so that they are less likely to become pregnant, etc.