Ifferent Styles of Attachment During Child Development

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Cognitive Development
Topic: Please review the different styles of attachment during child development. Focus on 2-3 attachment styles. Compare and contrast. Be sure to tie it to cognitive development what children learn, how their brain is affected, etc. Paper should also identify open questions or limitations that need to be explored in future research.

Please use as at least 3 (or all) of the sources provided from the attached document. Additional research articles need to be academic peer-reviewed.

Papers should have the following sections:
a. Title page: This should include an informative title, your name, and your email address

b. Introduction: Explain your topic and what you are going to discuss in this paper. If you are doing a media critique, this is a good place to briefly summarize your article.

c. Body of the paper: Present your review of the literature or your critical evaluation of the claims in your media article. Organize the information in a coherent and interesting way. Be sure to cite any articles that you mention or draw from. In-text citations should use APA style.

d. Conclusions: Sum up what you found, pointing out questions that remain, directions for future research, and any other things you think are important.

e. References: Any articles that you cite should be included in a reference section. Only include references that you cite. References should use APA style.