Ifferent throught processes during World war 2 and vietnam a contrast in thinking.

want an essay on the contrast of WW2 and Vietnam.
During ww2 it was an honor to be a soldier and fight. there was alot of support from people in the united states. United states citizens banded together to support the war. even though it brought upon shortages and rationing in our home lands. It also led to part of the feminist movement since the men wet to fight the woman went to work in the factories.

During Vietnam on the other had the shortages and inconveniences back in the untied states were not as sever yet this war led to greater debate and surely was not as popular to the public or the soldiers. I want a paper that outlines these issues and show the contrast in the thinking during the two different wars. you should use examples of the draft and how that affected pop culture (drafting of celebrities Mohamed Ali, Elvis Presley)

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