Ifferent types of port ownership and administrative regimes

You are required to produce a report of 2,500 words (+/10%), that identifies and examines different types of port ownership and administrative regimes.

The four regimes you are required to examine are as follows:

Use a cross section of ports from around the world as examples to illustrate key elements for each type of administrative regime.

Within the report you must include a table that clearly identifies the advantages and disadvantages of each individual regime which will enable you to discuss and evaluate the potential benefits and burdens.

Report Format: Standard
The report should be word processed in size 12 font, line spacing 1.5 and should consist of the following:
Title page, contents page, introduction (including aim and objective of the report), findings and discussion, conclusion, reference list, appendices (if required)
The report MUST be referenced using the Harvard system.

Plagiarism is unacceptable and will be dealt with according to the University s Academic Misconduct Rules and Regulations.
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