Ifferent Types of Technology used in Criminal Justice

I have to write a research paper utilizing at last three(3) resources, I need to identify at least five(5) but no more than eight(8) different types of technology that are in use today by any of the criminal justice agencies.
I will need to construct at least two(2) pages typed in APA consisting of the following information:
1. Identify the technology and excatly what is is used for
2. Identofy what particular criminal justice agency us using it
3. Identify the benefits or obstacles/drawbacks to using such technology. Consider cost, legal ramification, training, ect.
4. Give me your personal opinion on what you think of each of the different types of tehnology you have identified.
Do you think it is cost effective? Would you recommend it? do you think it violates the rights of individuals?
I will attach a paper that I have done already so you may see if you can use any of the information in the paper and if it meets the neccessary requirements for this paper.