Ifferent ways and policing that help develop changes

This paper must be original, which it means that the similarity score of the originality of the paper must be not higher than 20 percent. Please this assignment must include in-text citations and credible references in APA format (please I need THREE references); Please I need credible references and STAY AWAY FROM THE FOLLOWING SOURCES: Wikipedia, wisegeek, ehow, answer.com, ask.com, etc, these ARE NOT credible or valid sources so please DO NOT RESEARCH ON THESE SOURCES. Furthermore, for this assignment I DO NOT NEED AN ABSTRACT, also I DO NOT NEED AN INTRODUCTION AND ALSO I DONaT NEED A CONCLUSION. Please try to do a lot of paraphrasing in the whole paper and not have too large of direct quotes. Please this paper must be written only in third person.
Correspondently, there is one reference that is the book from my class, which you can use but I do need two other references. The reference of my class book is the following:
Reichel. P. L. (2007). Comparative Criminal Justice Systems. A Topical Approach (5th ed.).
Upper Saddle River, Nj. Pearson Prentice Hall.
However, I do believe this book will be really helpful to accomplish an excellent paper.
Furthermore, in this assignment there are TWO QUESTIONS AND A SCENARIO GIVEN, so please only focus on those TWO questions and the scenario, and please be very specific and with sufficient detail. Please a very important point I do need you to separate EACH QUESTION WITH ITS CORRESPONDENT ANSWER; PLEASE JUST WRITE THE NUMBER OF EACH QUESTION, (PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THE WHOLE QUESTION) SO THAT WAY I KNOW YOU ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS, AND IT WILL BE EASIER TO FOLLOW AND UNDERSTAND. Please do not state the scenario given in the paper. Iam uploading the assignment:

Scenario given:

The ideal police force is one that prevents crime, keeps order, respects the rights and dignity of citizens, is friendly and courteous, respects the laws, and does not abuse its power through corruption. Throughout the world there have been increasing efforts to improve police practices through the implementation of democratic policing.

1. Assuming the statement above is correct, what are some of the ways you think policing will change in the 21st century?

2. What other ways will help the police to develop and deal with these changes?

* Please remember to support the whole work or argument with a lot of in-text citations and credible references in APA format.

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