Ifferent ways of motvating people at Starbucks and John Lewis

My research aim is Different ways of motivating people at Starbucks and John Lewis. My objectives are: 1.staff motivation
2. staff satisfaction. 3. compare motivation at Starbucks and John Lewis

I need to do 10 review headings:
I was thinking about;
1.Introduction to literature review
2.what is literature review?
3. Who is employee?
4. What is motivation
5. Identifying different ways of motivation
6. Theory X and Y (douglas Mcgregor) masows hierarchy of needs
7. how do companies measure employee satisfaction

I need another 3-4 subheadings. you can change the one Im giving to you if you want. Will probably need 2-3 references for each of them. My references should not be books/journals more than 5 years old! Use anythig you want: books, newspaper, journals, companies webistes etc
Let me know if you need anythig from me!