Ifferentiate a nation, a state, and a nation-state.

For Chapter 11, answer the following question: Differentiate a nation, a state, and a nation-state. Give examples of nations that are not contained by one state and states that contain more than one nation.a?

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Use quotes only from the textbook by Dahlman, Carl T. and Renwick, William H. Introduction to Geography: People, Places & Environment, Sixth Edition

Instructions from syllabus
For each chapter from the textbook you read, you will be required to write a short essay, at least 500 words in length. This is roughly one and a half pages on MS Word in 12 sized font, double spaced. While essays shorter than 500 words will be penalized, longer than 500 words is ok. The specific question you have to answer will be found in the instructions in the turnitin dropbox in each module.

In each short essay, you must have at least one direct quote from the textbook chapter, with a page number citation. Essays which do not have at least one direct quote from the textbook with a page number citation will be penalized. An example of a quote from the textbook with a proper citation would be as followsa?Geography is the study of the interaction of all physical and human phenonmena at individual places and of how interactions among places form patters and organize space.a? (Dahlman, 2). In that example, the quote comes from page two in the textbook, so the citation would be (Dahlman, 2). I will be checking your citations to make sure your textbook quotes do come from the page you list. While you must have at least one quote from the textbook to get full credit for your essay, you can have more quotes if youad like. The short essays will be graded on a 10 point scale. Also, itas a good idea to have at least one citation at the end of every paragraph in your essay even if there is no quote in that paragraph. Anytime you have information from the textbook in a paragraph, you need to have a citation somewhere in the paragraph showing the page or pages from the book the information is from.

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