Ifferentiate between prejudice and discrimination

Write a 5-7 paragraph (each paragraph should be at least 6-8 sentences and no longer than 12 sentences) essay addressing the following:
1) Differentiate between prejudice and discrimination
2) Explain how prejudice develops (theories). Specifically use Jane Elliotts demonstration (EYE OF THE STORM CLASS -DIVIDED video) to help explain the theoretical perspectives.
3) Discuss ways to dismantle prejudice (on a national level, community level, personal level). Think about prejudice and discrimination beyond racism (sexism, homophobia, classism and so forth)
4) Your essay should have an interesting attention grabbing introduction and a thought provoking conclusion (push the reader into thinking more deeply about the issues)
Your essay must be a synthesis of textbook, notes and the videos watched in class and on-line about social psychology. You need to underline or use bold highlight for all theory, concepts and research. EACH and every paragraph should include course material (and more than one concept or theory and/or research). Reference when appropriate. Your essay should be well-written (good writing mechanics and organization) paragraphs. PROOF READ!

txt book Essentials of Psychology, Fourth Edition Bernstein Nash ch 14

single space double between paragraphs

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