Ifferentiate the role of the System Analyst versus other I.T. roles

Title: Systems Analysis and Design, Video Enhanced (8th Ed.)
Author(s): Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt Physical ISBN: 0-538-47443-2 eBook
Publisher: Course Technology

Assignment A. Introduction (Use the a?SCR-TIMS Work Sessions Linka?)
Please note: Only the following deliverables from Jesse will be required for your Unit 2
Jesse wants me to learn as much as possible about SCR, and she gave me a checklist to
get me started:
1. On the SCR intranet, visit the data, forms, and resources libraries and review a
sample of the information in each library. For your assignment, begin with a
sentence indicating that you have successfully entered the SCR website. Complete
this section with a summary of the items that you found in the website.
2. Jesse says that SCR has plenty of competition in the IT consulting field. Get on the
Internet and find three other IT consulting firms. She wants a description of each
firm in your own words and the services offered by each.
Assignment B. Analyzing the Business Case:
1. Draft a Assignment scope statement for the TIMS system and describe the
constraints. She said be specific. The author does a very good job providing
examples of both good and bad scope statements.
2. Need to identify the people need to be interviewed to learn more about the new
training activity? Prepare a list of the people and their roles within the
organization. In addition prepare a list of detailed questions for each person.
Most of the questions need to be specific for that person and role. For example,
one set of common questions will not suffice for this assignment.
Assignment requirements:
1. Three IT consulting firms were cited and a description of each firm and the
services offered were provided
2. Scope Statement was submitted and contains information specific to the TIMS
3. Scope Statement describes the constraints on the scope of the TIMS development
as discussed in the reading assignments
4. All people (roles) identified to be interviewed about the new training activity
5. List of questions provided for each interviewee
1. Three I.T. consulting firms that
might be able to help with our new
TIMS project.
In order to receive full credit,
sufficient detail needs to be
provided that demonstrates how
well the student understands the
firmas offerings. This section of the
assignment must be in your own
words. Just providing a list that can
be found on the firmas website will
not be sufficient.
2. Provide a scope statement that
demonstrates the following:
1) Student understands what a
good scope statement entails.
2) Student understands the
scope of the TIMS project.
3. Scope statement details
Assignment constraints.
4. List of team members and their
organizational role/position that
need to be interviewed to better
understand the requirements of the
proposed system.
5. List of questions specific to each
team member.