Ifferentiated Instruction in Elementary Math

All sources must be peer reviewed.

The guidelines for the paper are as follows:
All that Im really wanting for you is for you to research ways of differentiated instruction that you can use in your own classrooms. What does research show is effective? What appeals to you? What examples do you see in your research that you can use? I really want this review to show you what is out there, and what teachers are doing to differentiate instruction for all types of learners. Try to find out what best practices are for helping all students succeed, and think about how you will use them in your own practice.

1. The topic will be a?Differentiated Instruction,a? an important current trend in education and effective student learning.

2. Use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles from professional educational journals, written within the past five years.

3. The research must be related to effective instruction and student learning for all types of learners.

4. You must use APA 6th Edition format. (See APA 6th edition text.)

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