Ifferentiation Chart for Elementary Education Classroom

Complete a differentiation chart for your classroom.

Consider the various needs of the students in your respective classrooms. Using the course material and readings, show how you can apply the following strategies to your classroom to address the various learning needs within that classroom. (You will probably not have specifics on student interests or styles but you can generically incorporate activities that students can connect their interest and a variety of learning styles to the curricular content. Plan for students who are more visual learners, auditory learners, tactile, kinesthetic and those who require multimodal approaches.)

The first column should have the type of differentiation. Then in column 2, state the subject you will use the specific strategy in. The third column, describe how you will use this strategy. In the last column, consider how you will group students for each strategy. Some strategies may be large group, small group, or even one-on-one.

i?? Compacting
i?? Tiered Assignments
i?? Independent Study
i?? Contracts
i?? Learning Centers
i?? Choice boards
i?? Adjusting questions (be sure and write comprehension questions according to Bloomi??s taxonomy)
i?? Flexible Grouping
i?? Pre-teaching
i?? Re-teaching
i?? Response to Intervention

Make sure to add a title page, reference page, and in-text citations.

**Please use the following for one of your sources…
Tomlinson, C.A. (2004). How to differentiate instruction in the mixed ability classroom, 2nd edition. Assn for Supervision & Curric Development