Ifferentiation of Developed, Least Developed and Developing Countries under WTO Trade Regime

Dear writer ,

I wrote a dissertation which you can view in mohammed final draft file , i tried to follow the instructions in the proposal which also you can view in the proposal file , but unfortunately
as you can see in the Drs feedback file , there are some points i did not mention in the dissertation ( mohammed final draft ) .

What i want you to do is to look at my dissertation(mohammed final draft ) and the proposal and start doing a new dissertation following the steps mentioned in the proposal also using my Drs feedback and my dissertation to see the points i have missed , I want you to cover all points mentioned in the propsal , feedback and dissertation, in addition I would like you to use the same style of writing and use the sources i already used (as much as u can).. regarding Referencing style i chose OSCOLA style but to make sure please go to an order u did in april or may 2011 ( order number 534076 and use the same style unless. many thanks