Ifficult time for the catholic church in USA

Your introductory paragraph needs to clearly mention your thesis as well as the two or three supporting points you will use to back your claim

4. DO NOT generalize when you speak about the one religion chosen, be specific, which branch and/or denomination, do not make globalized statements, localize your ideas to ONE country, historical event, culture, war etc.

5. Beware of theological arguments, this is not an assignment with a theological purpose, if you only go back to sacred scriptures, you are on the wrong track

6. Proper research citations are placed in the text as well as in the a?works citeda? page

7. Your paragraphs should contain the analyzed and processed research you are using to elaborate on your two or three supporting points, USE YOUR SOURCES, DO NOT LET YOUR SOURCES USE YOU

8. Three and a half full pages doubled spaced or about 950 words are a MINIMUM

9. Mind your structure, smaller paragraphs that flow into each other are best (for this assignment)

10. Mind your grammar, if you do not know how to use semi-colons for example, then simply do not use them, smaller and complete sentences are best (for this assignment)

11. Proof-read and spell check

Please talk about

Why the catholic church is loosing followers in USA. Why American Catholic do not go to church. Effect of scandals in the church on catholic. The declining ratio orf priests.effect of church views on homosexuals, abortion, divorce, or unmarried couples turn followers away.

Please use references, websites, books . Send all references in proper way.