Ifficulties and challenges for Etisalat ( Operation class)

a? List down few real difficulties or challenges that the company encounters in operation concluded with your proposed solutions. br /
a? Difficulties: (these are helping points so you can finish quickly, 400, 500 words) br /
a? Lack of manpower in the security section were they tend to outsource and still it costs them money.br /
a? low budget dedicated to the security team br /
a? Lack of training were they stop sending staff outside the country for cutting cost purposesbr /
a? Staff poses outdated knowledge and nothing more, due to the lack of trainingbr /
a? Security technologies change constantly and rather quickly which is hard to adaptbr /
a? High demand with low resources br /
a? no clear process or procedures among other unitsbr /
a? General guidelines for security projects with no manuals which is confusing to most staffbr /
a? Poor communication with other units which makes it hard to relate to the corporate strategybr /
a? recourse are not invested properlybr /
a? it takes forever to get any approval from the upper management to get supplies from the suppliers which postpone and delay projects to no avail