Ifficulties faced by residents of a?red lighta districts in the UK

Assignment Question:
Critically discuss the possible difficulties faced by residents of a?red lighta districts in the UK. Evaluate the potential impact that the different responses of residents may have upon sex workers.

1) The word limit is 2500 words
2) Contentsuch as discussion of relevant theoretical perspectives: methodological issues and references to relevant empirical studies.
3) The structure of the argument in terms of progression from an introduction to a conclusion which follows from the argument or evidence discussed in the essay.
4) Relevance of the content of the essay to the question.
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Communities & Street Prostitution
The a?other side of the coina to street prostitution a the experiences & responses of residents living in areas of street sex work are so often ignored
2 areas studied: a range of different experiences & responses
Street Watch Views

Unawarea?I donat consider it (prostitution) a problema¦Iave not witnessed anything that would suggest to me that itas a big problema¦.there are much more serious problems: dog fouling. Seriously, Iam absolutely serious about that. I was told about the prostitution and that the place is littered with used condoms a Iave seen three used condomsa¦since Iave been here, every morning there are three new, you know, deposits from peopleas petsa¦.a?.
Aware a Unaffected/Positivea?if anything it was one of the safest streets because we had the girls watching out for anybody dodgy, we had the police going up and down watching the girls, so you never got burglaries!a?
ENVIRONMENTAL a?you canat say weare affected here can you on this top floora¦but when you (go) down the back onto your car park, and the girls have been using your car park, and youave got condoms on your car and you have to call the caretaker because theyave defecated in your dustbin area, and thereas soiled underwear and blood-stained underwear been left, and Tampaxa?.
FINANCIAL a?now, this particular house is too big for our needs. This problem has not only stopped us selling the house, itas had a great effect on the value of the house.a?
SOCIAL a KERB CRAWLING NOISE a?we used to get traffic first thing in the morning and then half four in the afternoon to about six. Now, itas constant. Iave come to the stage whena¦Iave had enough, Iave got to go, I cannot stop here. You know, because itas night after night, day after day, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.a?
SOCIAL a KERB CRAWLING INTIMIDATION a?they are just running your life. Youave got no life even in your own house reallya¦.you can stand in your own gardena¦watering the plantsa¦and Iave got guys stopping and looking at mea¦itas intimidating, because you know what theyare down here for.a?
SOCIAL a SEX WORKERS a?well that other Friday when we were out herea¦.she came past, and she spit all over the car, stood, and then started shoutinga¦aIall smash your windows and your cara. We get that quite a lota¦you have to take these threats seriously, because it could happen, especially when theyare high on the drugs.a?
SOCIAL PIMPS a?I still am frightened to go out the housea¦Iam frightened thata¦if Iave got to walk up the road, if he sees me, heall stop and heall attack me. And I know because if I hadnat run away that night when I did, he would have physically hit mea?.
HEALTH a QUALITY OF LIFE FREEDOM a?every day you get up now, thereas nothing to look forward to, because you know what youare going to see outside your front door, day after day. And to me, thatas no lifea¦I feel personally that my freedom has been deprived of mea¦.all of the every day thingsa¦thatas all been taken awaya?.
HEALTH a SAFETY a FEAR OF CRIME a?I donat feel safe going to the shopsa¦Iam wary of peoplea¦of whoas arounda¦itas all since the prostitutes have comea?.
Community Responses: Patrol Schemes
Street Watch schemes
Extension of Neighbourhood Watch
Police/Community partnership
a?Eyes and earsa of the police
20,000 schemes
Patrol local area: deterrence, information gathering (ASBOs)
What is anti-social behaviour (ASB)?
Home Office a a?includes a variety of behaviour covering a whole complex of selfish and unacceptable activity that can blight the quality of community lifea? eg a?nuisance behavioura (which is?), a?yobbish behavioura (which is?) a¦anything?
British Crime Survey: 76% of people aged 16+ in England & Wales perceived one or more of 16 types of behaviour to be a problem a most common: speeding traffic, cars parked illegally, rubbish, fireworks, vandalism/graffiti, teenagers hanging around and drug use (Home Office, 2004)
Whole range of interventions available, eg Individual Support Orders (ISOs), Acceptable Behaviour Contracts/Agreements (ABCs/ABAs), Youth Inclusion Programmes (YIP)
Community Responses: ASBOs
Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
Created by 1998 Crime and Disorder Act
Harassment, alarm, distress
Civil order
Restrict movement/behaviour
Can last for life
Usually associated with youth crime
If breached can result in prison sentence (up to 5 years): further victimisation & criminalisation
Community Responses: ASBOs & Prostitution
Can be used to tackle prostitution: eg ban sex worker from entire areas a displacement, exclusion, greater danger?
Do not address underlying reasons for behaviour
Jones & Sagar (2001:879) argue that ASBOs are inappropriate and discriminatory:-a?Exclusion is not an effective deterrent against street prostitution and its use merely resurrects the (past) legislative predilection for social segregation and discrimination towards female members of the sex industrya¦the privileging of public sensibility over personal welfare will result in danger and isolation for prostitutes.a?
Community Responses: Vigilantism
Vigilantism is difficult to define: see Johnston, L, 1996 a use/threaten force
Not only sex workers a paedophiles (final week)
Also leads to further displacement & exclusion, causing greater danger
Is this really an acceptable situation?
What should be done a should changes be made to the law?