Ifficulties Facing Islamic Financial Institutions in Kuwait

The topic of assignment is Dificulties Facing Islamic Financial Institutions in Kuwait”
The academic level of assignment is MBA project”
-we do the work with you on a one or two-chapter basis (total is 6 chapters including introduction and conclusion)
The amount of pages of the completed assignment as we expect it to be (counting 250 words per page) is ranging from 64 to 80 pages (16,000 to 20,000 word limit)

We completed the literature and methodology part of the project. We would like to edit what we have done. we would like to send the following:
1. MBA project proposal
2. Literature review part of the project
· Please do not eliminate references or delete full paragraphs.
· Some sub-headings in the proposal are eliminated in the report and this is how we see it reasonable; you can judge what is appropriate because the proposal is not 100% binding.
· What is important is the engagement with the literature and the contrasting opinions.
3. Methodology part of the project
4. Proposed interview questions
· They have to cover at least the issues identified in the literature review plus what we added ourselves.

The required font, spacing and referencing are the same as in the literature review part.
The word limits are as follows:
Literature review 6,500 words
Methodology 3,500 words

To clear things, we only want you to finalize literature and methodology parts in full while sticking to word count above. What is included in these two parts is all what we have and you can consider them as final from our end. Please ignore all other parts until we have worked on them.

So you can edit/add/reduce whenever you feel necessary or appropriate. We initially judge that you would mainly edit/reduce the literature (as communicated in detail above) and edit/add to the methodolgy. However, we trust your professional judgement to do what is necessary for these two sections to be final within the word count.

The format of the document sent is the required one, so there is nothing needed here. You can do your work as requested in the same project report document sent to you and then send it back to us.

Eventually, we will be exchanging the same document until it reaches its final and complete form including all parts