Ifficulties of HR in managing multicultural workforce

My current paper contains 4 pages. I will send it to you in order that you can see what is my paper about. I dont need you to add anything to it. Just read so you see what it is about.
Teacher asked us to find 7 paragraphs from 7 different academic sources. Each paragraph should be on the point, related to my paper and should help me complete my paper. You should first put a full MLA format citation of the paragraph on top of each page. then you put down the selected paragraph. Then you should PARAPHRASE the paragraph, Saying the same thing in different words. At the end you should add a paragraph as a commentary that explains why its important, how this paraphrased paragraph is related to my paper and where it is going to be used.
I will send you two attachments, one my paper and other one the format of work needed.
Since English is not my native language, please dont go deep in Language.