Iffrences between Saudi Arabia and America

I am international student and my teacher want from us to write an essay about the diffrences between my country which is Suadi Arabia and here in USA. He wants the essay to be compare and contrast. i want you to wirte the thesis in last the sentence in the first paragraph . And the points which i want you to write about it is
1I am as a gril I never drove in my country , is not allwed for women to drive a car but here i drive a car and it is really intersting,, you can add more from your head just put yourselfe instead of me hhhh.
2you can write about the weather . in Suadi is desert but here is cold and i never saw snow in my country. and you can write about the turnedo it is very scary for me in fact. we do not have strong horcemo in our country.
3the school here is mix but in our country not.. tell the feeling ..
4you can read from the inter net and add as many as you can.
I can help you by the ideas but i can not write orgnaized essay.
5in America freedom but in saudi women can not even vote.
6in my country the goverment pay for everything for us not as here. like my country pay for education and for health and manythings.
you can come up with a lot of ideas and you can make one paragraph just only one idea
please conect the ideas btween each paragraph.
if you need any thing just let me know.
thx so much