Iffusion of Innovation theory: Using the internetto improve healthy lifestyle choices in an elementary setting

The assignment is based on the diffusion of innovation theory
1. Description the Target Population  Who are the people whose behavior is the target of change?
2. Needs/Strengths Assessment  Describe in detail what data you need to find out about the population and setting, where those data are, and how you will access those data.
3. Objectives of the Intervention  What are the objectives of the behavior change desired?
4. The Theoretical Framework of the Intervention  On what theory of behavior change is the intervention based? Describe the theory s components and how they are applied in the intervention.
5. The Intervention  What will be done, in what order, by whom& ? Provide a rationale for these decisions based on the assigned theoretical framework. Include any instructional materials the intervention will employ (for example, posters, pamphlets, public service announcements, video presentations, etc.)
6. Evaluation Plan  Explain how will you determine whether the objectives have been achieved?
7. The Ethical Issues  What are the ethical dilemmas and how were they resolved consistent with the system of ethics?