Iffusion of Renewable Energy Technology / Diffusion of Innovation / Business of RE

Main theme: What are the investment mechanisms that will encourage diffusion of Renewable Energy in small islands of the Caribbean? As in what items needs to be put in place for diffusion?

Research proposal MUST link a Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology to Business subjects to Small Islands of the Caribbean as it is a BUSINESS Phd.

The research question MUST be defined VERY strongly.

See article attached Power sector reform in small island developing states: what role for renewable energy technologies?
- Policy in the country,
- International Financing a available? If so from where?
- Carbon Credits? Carbon Financing?
- What other investment catalyst are out there for Renewable Energy?
- Price per KwH high in islands? So great returns for net metering?
- What are other small islands doing?
- Do consumers play a role in the diffusion? If so how? (See Exploring the Consumer Decision Process in the Adoption of Solar Energy Systems Journal Article attached)
- What is happening in Dominica/Guadeloupe with reference to Geo Thermal? What made that investment happen?
- Does early timing help? Should investors move now so they have first entry? ( See Journal Article entitled A MARKET ENTRY TIMING MODEL FOR new technologies attached).
- It was found that technological advances do lead to greater investment, but the effect
is small. (See Technology and the diffusion of renewable energy by David Popp a,b,a?Z, Ivan Hascic c, Neelakshi Medhi attached) This is a good article to be applied to the Caribbean.

Define Investment Mechanisms XXX
Define diffusion of Renewable Energy using diffusions of innovation Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Everett Rogers, a professor of rural sociology, popularized the theory in his 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations. He said diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system. The origins of the diffusion of innovations theory are varied and span across multiple disciplines. a Wikipedia (use scholarly article references ONLY). Apply the Five stages of the adoption process to the topic of RE in Small Islands. One stage is decision making a see (Multicriteria renewable energy planning using an integrated fuzzy VIKOR & AHP methodology: The case of Istanbul by Tolga Kaya, Cengiz Kahraman as attached).
What are S curves? How does it apply to the Caribbean? What does it mean for governments? (see Journal article Technology S-curves in renewable energy alternatives: Analysis and implications for industry and government).
What is the Vikor method? How can the Vikor method be used in the decision making process by investors (either idivudals, governments or electricity firms) in Renewable Energy? (See article attached) Multi-criteria decision-making in the selection of a renewable energy project in spain: The Vikor method )
What are experience curves? How can these be used to analyse the prospects for diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology (see article Use of experience curves to analyse the prospects for diffusion and adoption of renewable energy technology)

Benchmarking how Renewable Energy has been diffused in other islands around the world a this is very important. LOTS of articles on this in Science Direct database.

Rates of adoptions and ALL related theorises in diffusion applied and

VERY SPECIFIC methodology MUST be developed on how to answer the research question.

If you need ANY articles let me know know and author and I will email/add it for you