Ift essay rubic intro 3 paragraphs and conclusion (6-8 ) sentences per paragraph

Need an essay on Gift essayrubric font 12 times new roman double spaced,heading I inch margins 5 full paragraphs 6-8 sentences, topic sentences, supporting sentences,conclusion sentences denotative meaning of gift from dictionary, need to define the word gift in these ways connotative meaning gift, examples of gifts intro paragraph no details has to introduce topic conclusion paragraph no new info sums up essay
1st paragraph is intro
2nd denotative paragraph
3rd connotative paragraph
4th your opinion of a gifts (this is a Christian school so one example can be a spiritual gift
5th conclusion

This is for tenth grade, student has a learning disability however she is expected to do well as they have high expectations for these kids yet the wording should be at her level and believable that she wrote it. This school requires many throughout the year and would love to use company again if this first one works out well! Thank you so much