Igarettes pricing and its impact on consumption

Economics Research Project: I will be attaching Some example of other Research that I would like to do the same way

Cigarettes pricing and its impact on consumption

The Questions:
Do higher price on cigarettes discourage smoker? And what other variables may affect Smoking Rate?

I believe raising cigarettes prices will not decrease use and consumption of cigarettes

Most include:

1. Introduction: I have attached for you the introduction I have write you can make change if needed.

2. Literature Review

3. Data: all the data will be attached in Excel worksheet. You have to use Excel to show all the work. Most show the dependents and independents Variables. (You can make change and add more data if needed). The Variables I get: most be used all:
a. Adult Smoking Rate (dependents Variables)
b. Youth Smoking Rate (dependents Variables)
c. Retail Price.
d. Number Regulations. (Number of lows the states has for indoor smoking)
e. Average Annual Temperature (Annual Temperature may affect the smoking Rate)
f. Average Income of Households by State 2011 2013.

4. Empirical Model

5. Results

6. Conclusion


All the sources most be scholar and have to be online article only
3 4 sources
Most include the link for the article.

I will attached for you:
1. The Research Proposal.
2. All the data you need on Excel file
3. My introduction I have written.
4. Some example of other Research that I would like to do the same way.

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