Igerette smoking among adolescents in Saudi Arabia

Litreature review regarding tobacco use among adolescents

1. To determine ever-smoking prevalence among adolescents and association with some factors as sex, age, level of classes, daily pocket money and school performance, had smoking
parents and friends, and who were exposed to smoking at home and in public places

2. To describe and assess gender differences in current cigarette smokers according to certain variables including; prevalence, access to tobacco, knowledge and attitude, environmental tobacco smoke, cessation of smoking, tobacco related advertisements, and education on tobacco in school among adolescents (age 12-19years)

(We found male sex, older age, senior classes, having more daily pocket money and poor school performance. were associated with ever smoking. Ever-smoking was also significantly associated with students who had smoking parents and friends and who were more exposed to smoking at home and in public places)

Please I want it to include all associated factor with ever smoking and current smoking among adolescents with gender differences for current smoking study variables as mension above

I will attached published article regarding second part ( gender differences in current smoking among adolescents. please use most of it refferences in litreature review and add some news

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