Igh rate of people who affected by cancer in the Middle East.

High rate of people who affected by cancer in the Middle East.


You will be writing a report of 1000-1200 words. The paper must be MLA format. You will begin by finding a specific and relevant issue you wish to write about. Your goal is to develop your ideas into coherent topic sentences that can then lead each paragraph of your report.

Be sure to use as many types of support as you can, and remember to give references for all the information you cite. You will be using all of the writing skills you have learned so far in this course, including skills in organization, grammar, planning and ways to research.

Remember, your goal is to present an accurate and up-to-date overview of this issue, so be sure to make sure all the information you present is relevant and helpful. Do not forget that your recommendations should also be backed up by evidence.

The steps to writing your report:

q Brainstorm the issue you have chosen to develop ideas for the report

q Write the report outline—focus on types of outlines covered in class

q Conduct/analyze research (carry out surveys, look for information in the library, interview experts and check multimedia sources)

q Write the rough draft

q Read, edit, revise and develop the final report

Evaluation Checklist

Particular to this assignment, please include the following:

q Appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion

q Papers must include a thorough summary of contemporary discussion of the chosen issue. A strong response must include clear analysis of relevant evidence, questions, expert opinions and supported conclusions.

q At least 2 sources

q Recommendations for solutions or further areas of study