Igh School Dropouts: Support, motivation, and role modeling can reverse the process.

This is an argumentative essay paper. My idea focuses on the positive effects that support, motivation and role modeling can have in students lives. Can this effect be enough to keep students from dropping out. I need for the audience to maintain interest in the topic. Also include an opposing view to show the idea is not bias.
1. Topic, purpose, and thesis are clear and identifiable in the introduction; all ideas consistently address the main argument without off-topic or irrelevant ideas
2.Introduction must have attention-grabbing story, topic, purpose, credibility, and why the topic is important; Argumentative strategies and appeals to improve the logic and credibility of the presented ideas.
3. References page with a minimum five sources.
4. This research paper requires an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography will include five references. An outline of the bibliography will be send to you.
I will send the references I have chosen along with an outline sample.