Igh School Students Perception of Accounting

Pls. read the attached article from The CPA Journal(Jan 2005). Prepare a presentation (either written text that perhaps you would read to an audience or slides) related to, or elaborating upon, the following questions that might flow from the article:

Why is accounting possibly less interesting and attractive to high school students? Is it a problem?

What, if anything, can the accounting profession do about it? Should they?

Is there a long term future for accountants as a profession? Why or why not? Will the economy and public suffer if the accounting profession irreversibly loses status?

Please prepare a short presentation (3-5 pages of text that you might read at a Livepresentation OR 10-12 detailed, self-explanatory PowerPoint slides) that addresses the article and questions. Please pay attention to grammar, spelling and the logic/structure of your work. Quantity is of less importance than the clear and concise statement and presentation of your ideas and rationale. Everyone is encouraged to research and cite additional references to support their position