Igher Education Curriculum and Program Planning( Future Directions Question )

7- Future Directions Question
Given the forces in place influencing higher education curriculum, you are expected to discuss the future of curricular design as relating to: curriculum history, forces influencing curriculum design, different philosophies guiding curricular choices, advancement of technology, expansion of knowledge, diverse characteristics of learners, and needs of the job market. You should be able to support your response with evidence from the reading. Your response should be between 4pages not including the title page and the reference(s) page. You should use at least 5 references of course readings or outside sources adhering to APA style guidelines.
Consider this thought: For leaders who want major reforms to take place on campus, it often requires building a supportive environment in order to bring about change. As a future administrator of higher education, what does this mean to you; what could you do or offer to bring about change and offer desirable conditions to your colleagues, given that there are forces that influence curriculum, different philosophies that guide curricular choices, technology advancements/enhancements, different types of learners, needs of employers and the job market, etc.?
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