Ighlights topicas significance in higher education history

Topical Timeline Group Project Presentation

The class will be divided into small groups, each of which will choose or be assigned a topic from the attached list as the subject for a topical timeline. Each small group will prepare a topical timeline reflecting the membersa shared view of key topical events/developments in American higher education from the 17th century through the present. Each group will select and describe the top 10 topical events/developments throughout this period that members believe most profoundly impacted the evolution of American higher education. Groups will present, compare, and contrast their selections through in-class presentations. At a minimum, each group will present a linear timeline (with copies for the class) and supporting materials (including references other than class readings) for their a?top 10a?. Presentations should be approximately one hour in length. Although this assignment is a group project earning a group grade, the instructor reserves the right to adjust an individualas grade for deficient group contributions.

my instraction paper that 4 pages which that mine present of my group i must to do reserch about these event
first,Explain Topical Area evolution over time
second do these reserch for the 3 event
Why it happeneda¦-Results from it-for these event
this is the introdaction for my presention but i want my reserch paper 1821-Catharine Beecher starts her teaching career (include why this is important a what she did later)
1833-Oberlin College founded (co-ed)
1837-Mt. Holyoke Ivy League (first of the seven sisters)
thired,Conclusion talk about that in general becouse i wored as group , i mean talk about the 3 topic and speak in general about segnificant that event of higher education .