Igital advertising: A new form of advertising?

Minimum Length: 800 words; Maximum Length: 1,000 words
The essay will address the following question:
 Digital advertising: A new form of advertising?
This essay is designed to encourage you to consider the distinctive characteristics of digital advertising and its uses.
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Please make sure you answer the essay according to the following guidelines and formatting criteria:

1) Find at least 4 research sources in the library or on the internet. These sources should come from a mixture of industry research and academic research. You are expected to correctly reference any material from these sources used in their essays, and to include a standard formatted bibliography such as APA or MLA.

2) Essays must be written in proper essay format (not business report format), using appropriate sentence structures, organisation of ideas, correct grammar and spelling. You are expected to write at an acceptable university standard, and anyone needing additional assistance should speak to the lecturer, tutor, or seek other help as needed such as that offered by the English Help Centre on Level 4 of the Humanities and Social Sciences building.

3) The essay should include the following parts, in the following order. Do not treat each of the following sections as individual  questions (i.e. do not number the sections and write your section headings as questions). Your essay must be presented as a cohesive whole, with a logical flow of ideas and information, including appropriate section headings and transitions between paragraphs/sections.

” Introduction: Introduce the essay topic, including a brief preview of what the rest of your essay will cover. Be sure to include a clear and concise thesis statement.

” Overview/Synthesis of concepts of traditional and digital advertising: What do the authors in the readings say about the different types of advertising? In this section, do not merely link quotes together, you need to accurately paraphrase how the other authors view  interactive and  interactivity and give your own critical analysis of their ideas  i.e. you must show critical thought, not merely parrot the ideas of others. You will need to be sure to organise your synthesis of the theories in a logical manner so that your content flows smoothly.

” Describe your view of  digital advertising compared with traditional media advertising: This section should be built upon your critical analysis of the ideas presented in the previous section.

” Case Study Analysis: Apply your view to two advertisements, one an internet ad and one a traditional media ad . Discuss why digital advertising is (or is not) fundamentally different to traditional media. Clearly justify your opinion.

” Conclusion: Clearly wrap up your essay with a conclusion that restates the most important points and reviews any major ideas presented. Remember that you should never include any  new information in your conclusion.
When writing your essay, it is a very good idea to use the essay marking sheet to determine whether you are meeting the specific marking criteria for this assessment. See the  Essay Guidelines (at the end of this outline and available on the unit website) for further information regarding marking of essays.