Igital Citizenship in High School/Secondary School

Title: Digital Citizenship in High School/Secondary School
You have noticed that many educators use blogs to share what is going on in their classrooms, to promote discussion, and to get feedback. While surfing the Internet, you come across a list of the top education blogs. You think this use of blogs is a great idea and decide to create a lesson on digital citizenship and post it to your own blog to elicit feedback.
i??Set up a blog. Recommended platforms include the following:
-Blog hosting site 1
-Blog hosting site 2
i??Develop a lesson plan about digital citizenship for a specific audience.
-Base the lesson on the following statement: i??Basically, a digital citizen is anyone who uses digital tools such as computers, cell phones, or the Internet in their work, school, or recreation. Just like citizens of a city have to adopt rules and standards of behavior to live together, those of us in the digital world should do the same. There are general guidelines we can all follow to stay safe and work well in the digital world.i?? (Introduction to Digital Citizenship, 2011)
-Include the following elements in your lesson plan:

Intended audience: staff, parents, students, or community members (Be specific, as the lesson needs to be designed for the intended audience.)
*Learning objectives
*Materials and technologies used
*Reflection: Explain the Internet strategies used to research your topic
-Example lesson plans can be found at this Web site. (Note: These are for reference only. Please develop your own unique lesson.)
-Include keywords/tags in your blog entry to identify the major themes of your lesson.
-Include a related image. Images that can be reused with attribution can be found at this Web site.
***Note: I have to convert my lesson into a blog entry. I am currently now too familiar or comfortable with this as of yeti??.

i??Creative Commons. (n.d.). Retrieved from the Flickr Online Web site: edublogs.org/
i??Introduction to digital citizenship. (2011). Retrieved from oedb.org/library/features/top-100-education-blogs
i??Lesson plans. (n.d.). Retrieved from the VTISP Online Web site: wordpress.com/

i??Convert your lesson into a blog entry, and enter it into the blog platform you established.
-Include a related image. Images that can be reused with attribution can be found at this Web site.