Igital enterprise analysis: Video Gaming Industry

This research paper is to explore special issues that relate to digital enterprises. Pick a digital enterprise and analyze it throughoutly.

As the first step in our inquiry we need to determine the terrain  what do we mean by digital enterprises? As a rough and ready starting definition let us consider digital enterprises as those which create digital products or services or provide the infrastructure for their distribution and marketing. Thus, we would consider the following as digital enterprises:
Traditional media Print Media
Traditional media Broadcast Media
Traditional media Music
Traditional media Film
Video gaming industry
Telecommunications industry
Cellular telephone industry
Cable industry
Digital media
Internet portal providers (Google)
(I want to discuss about the video gaming industry)

Your emphasis is on developing an understanding for both the  big picture and the  small picture approach to digital enterprises.
The  big picture relates to gaining an understanding of the structure and dynamics of the major digital industries.
The  small picture  identifying business opportunities in the digital enterprise universe.
It is also worth noting that the very landscape within which digital enterprises operate is in a state of change.

Your analytic approach will be initially to survey the industry sector concerned. We will be adopting a strategic approach. Subsequently we will investigate the most critical issues that are likely to face the sector of concern. For example, if we consider the software industry two of the most salient problems are open source and standards.

In additional to investigating specific issues we will also explore a variety of analytic techniques for exploring the issues of concern by answering the following questions:
Who are the suppliers to the industry?
Who are the buyers?
Who are the major players?
What are the barriers to entry?
What are the principal products/services provided by the industry?
What are the principal value propositions for the Industry?
What are the principal threats to the industry?
What are the principal opportunities for the industry?
Is size important  economies of scale and economies of scope
Network effects and the importance of standards and compatibility
You might also want to consider such things as:
The size of the Canadian industry
The major Canadian players and their financial health
Does the Government play a role with respect to the industry?

Your analysis should pay particular attention to threats and opportunities. You might also want to discuss some factors that are likely to have a significance on the industry they might be technological, social and so on. As technologies have changed drastically throughout the past decades, any sources older than 2003 are considered outdated.

Class notes:
The economics of the digital products:
Often very expensive to create the first copy of content or the software that runs services.
The marginal additional variable cost of each additional copy of offering of the service is very close to zero.
What strategy should we adopt to selling digital products or services?

The Macro structure of Digital Industries include:
Networks  the distribution backbone
Content  products and services that are  delivered through the networks.

Networks  what is the principal trend that we have seen over the last 10 years?
Multiple networks increasingly using the same protocol  IP  capable of being interconnected.
Access to products and services that is essentially independent of access device, time or location.

How does the industries environment change as technology changes? Suggestions include:
Reduction of barriers to entry
Increased power of suppliers or customers
Increased intensity of competition
Creation of new competitors
Regulatory changes
Changes in consumer taste, expectations or knowledge and capability.
Changes in the economic aspects of the business