Igital Marketing Campaign for SNOW tires

The company is called SNOWDRIVE and is a fictional company selling Winter tires that convert into snow tires. when the tires detect snow/ice on the ground, spikes automatically come out of the tires as soon as the grounds temperature and state changes to drive safely in the worse snow falls.

develop an online marketing campaign. the campaign needs to have a specific goal, such as launch a new product in a particular market, and attract visitors to the website or Facebook page.

To be clear, you need to write a plan yourself, not describe what the company has done in the past. I expect a 4-5 page marketing plan, but this length is not a requirement. You need to strictly cover ALL the items that I list below, and make sure that the plan is understood properly.

Final project Expectation

Company, product, situation

Develop a marketing / communication plan

Introduction (company, campaign objective)

External analysis (Porters 5 forces, PESTLE)

Marketing strategy
-WHO: target customer (demographic and psychographic)
-WHAT: brand positioning: functional (differentiation vs. competition, value to customer) and emotional (visual, style, mood)
-HOW: 4 Ps (product, price, promotion, place), relevance to customers, differentiation from competition

Communication plan
-Campaign objective
-Target audience and message
-Discuss all digital channels (search marketing, display ads, social media, viral marketing)

Not graded on length, no need for citations.

Creative, not descriptive