Igital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Research Paper Guidelines

I need a two page paper discussing the positive effect that an electronic medical record has on the Billing and Coding Process. Does it improve accuracy? Does it increase or decrease rejections? Does it improve efficiency?
The Title Page:
Include the title of the paper, My First name and Last name, Instructor name: Mrs Glenda Trudell, Course name: ME120 Medical Insurance Software Applications, and Date: February 2, 2015.
The Body: * Use the MLA forma t
1 The body information of the paper must be 2 pages .
2. Please use 11-point Calibri font.
3. Double spaced.
4. Margins 1 inch all around.
5. Indent each paragraph with one touch of the tab. You may also use headers to transition to a new idea within the paper.
6. Please include an introduction and a conclusion in the paper.
7. Cite ALL references used within the paragraphs.
Reference Page:
Please use only one Reference.